My most important piece of equipment is my imagination. Everything else is secondary to that.

After many year of working with Nikon and Canon film cameras, I am now working exclusively with digital cameras. My serious digital photography started with a Nikon D100 . I  currently use lightweight Fuji cameras including an IR-converted XT1 and an XT5 which is invaluable for taking multiple exposures in-camera.  I also use a variety of Fuji and other independent lenses.

I have a Manfrotto PROB 55 tripod which gives a very stable camera platform. However for travelling and everyday use I use a Gitzo "Traveller" tripod that is very light, made of carbon fibre, and packs easily into a carry-on flight bag. It was quite expensive, but is probably the only tripod that fits my needs for for travel and everyday work.

In my images I rarely use any filters, but those that I do use include:

UV filters

Circular polarisers

Neutral Density (especially 10 stop long-exposure filters)

It has often been said that even with digital photography, it is best to get the image right "in camera", rather than to rely on corrections in Photoshop after the photograph has been taken. However, that said, all my work is optimised in Photoshop.  Sometimes this is minimal, sometimes it is extensive.