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Whilst giving a talk to Worksop Camera Club last night I was asked if I had ever done any other sort of photography, other than the creative stuff I do today. This prompted me to look out these images, all from my "River of Light" exhibition back in 2007. They are all of the Tay Estuary between Perth and the North Sea.

Two Years later I had another exhibition of landscape images titles "Under Western Skies", all of the American West
River of LIght - 01River of LIght - 02River of LIght - 03River of LIght - 04River of LIght - 05River of LIght - 06River of LIght - 07River of LIght - 08River of LIght - 09River of LIght - 10River of LIght - 11River of LIght - 12River of LIght - 13River of LIght - 14